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April Grand Prix Spring Opener Tournament!

This Sunday (4/27) is our 2014 Kickoff Grand Prix Tournament, our club’s “Spring Opener!” Join us @ 7am at Hidden Anchorage. We’ll be bringing breakfast you can get those those extra few minutes of “shut-eye” Sunday morning. And to top it off, the water temp has been hitting the mid to high 60s, time to get rid of those dry suits! Email Mike Tart ( or Chris Blay ( if you plan to attend.

For those of you who have never skied in a tournament, our “Class F’s” are a fun way to level the playing field and compete between skiers of all abilities. Your scores are calculated based on your past performance and focus on improvement rather than on who can ski at 34/36 mph with the shortest line length. Everyone is given (3) falls or (4) passes in each of the (2) rounds, so no one has to worry about “blowing their opener” ( @ 2:12).

See You on the Water!

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