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2013 April Tournament

Ashleigh Wallace 3@30/-15 100
Ben Harwood 0.5@36/-35 100
Bob Bates 6@32/-22 100
Bryce Lewis 5@36/-22 100
Cole McComber 3@30/-15 100
Dave Dewey 6@34/-22 100
Eric Dahlgren 1@34/-35 100
Harley Wallace 3@36/-28 100
Jeff Castleberry 3@30/-15 100
Jodi Tart 4@34/-15 100
John Lynch 2@32/-15 100
Karen Dewey 100
Ken Rocks 4@30/-15 100
Laura Harwood 0@34/-28 100
Mark Gray 5@34/-22 100
Matt Wolff 4@36/-15 100
Mike Tart 2@34/-28 100
Pat Morris 3.5@34/-35 100
Robin Harwood 2.5@34/-22 100

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