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Ski Calendar

2022 Tournament Schedule

We are excited to once again host a three-event Class C tournament in Mission Bay! Unlike our Class F tournaments, Class C scores count toward your national standing, and determine your qualification for regional and national competition. Class C Tournament entry fees vary and can be found at www.usawaterski.org. Please contact Ben with any questions.

Class F Tournament entry fees are $25 for adult non-members, $20 for adults, $10 for college students and kids. This guarantees you two sets with four passes per set. If you have questions about the Class F tournaments, please contact Rich Wawrzyniak.

Sunday, April 24th @ 7am: Class F Tournament

Sunday, May 15th @ 7am: Class F Tournament

Saturday & Sunday June 4th – 5th @ TBD: Class C Tournament

Sunday, July 17th @ 7am: Class F Tournament

Sunday, August 21st @ 7am: Class F Tournament

Saturday, September 11th @ TBD: Class F Tournament

Sunday, October 16th @ TBD: Class F Tournament

Sunday, November 20th @ TBD: Class F Tournament